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Clean energy components to preserve the earth's environment.

Electric car "Elica", jointly-developed with Keio University. Powered by a lithium-ion cell, it reaches a top speed of 370 km/h. (photo : Keio University Electric Vehicle Lab.)

Solar cell and lithium-ion cell in the spotlight as alternative energy sources

Solar cell and lithium-ion cell are expected to be alternative energy sources to oil in the rapidly changing energy market. Both of them do not emit carbon dioxide which is a main cause of global warming and they are finally becoming accessible in terms of the cost compared to conventional energy.

Back sheet materials for solar cell

In a rapidly developing solar cell components market, our specialty is solar cell back sheet material. A solar cell back sheet protects the cell from deterioration to maintain its power generation efficiency. Superior water vapor barrier properties (humidity proof) are required of back sheets, and the required performance is rising every year as a result of the evolution of solar cells. Our products exceed those expectations.

We supply lithium-ion cell material

in the 90's was safe and demonstrated a low self-discharge rate among secondary batteries. The lithium ion battery's self-discharge rate was only 1/3 of nickel hydride batteries and nickel cadmium batteries. In addition a long recycle life span extended its application to a wide variety of products such as electric cars, notebook computers, digital cameras, cellular phones, portable game devices etc. We supply viscosity modifiers for the cathodic binder and moisture absorbents for the electrolyte. We utilize our over 60 years' experience in the chemical industry to provide proactive proposals to secondary battery manufacturers, fully performing our service as a development-oreinted company.

Futaba's secondary battery components
viscosity modifier for cathodic binders
moisture absorbent for the electrolyte