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Futaba supplies LC materials such as polarization plates used for flat screen LC television and cellular phones.

We supply polarization plates manufacturers with films
used for the plates, which are core components of LC television.

LC products are increasingly used everywhere in our life

Thin and consume only a small amount of electricity, LC panels are used in every aspect of our daily life : flat-screen TV, cellular phones, personal computers, digital cameras and railway traffic information devices, etc. The number of LC products are rapidly increasing. In the fast-growing LC products market, we supply multiple-layered films for polarization plates, polyester release films and triacetate films to manufacturers in East Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan and China, etc.

Our commitment as a development-oriented company

Futaba Chemical is not a trading company which merely moves products and materials from one place to another. We understand the needs of both the clients and the manufacturer. By utilizing our expertize, we proactively make recommendation to the manufacturer and transform those needs into new plans and developments. We are proud of being a proactive advisor and a development -oriented company.

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