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We have years of experience in environmental clean-up dealing with water, air and oil.

Food Industry

The oil recycling agent "Mizukalife" is a symbol of our core value "clean life". Mizukalife is a filter that can be simply inserted into oil circulation units to recycle oil. We can not only reduce costs but also protect the environment. Mizukalife contributes to the environmental clean-up as it is being rapidly introduced by major supermarkets and restraurant chains.

Oil recycling agent (Mizukalife)
Activated white earth

Cooking oil filtering device with Mizukalife contributes to
our environmentally-friendly and recycling-oriented society.

Water purification

Futaba makes contribution to safe water supply. Sales of our filtering aid are number one in Japan.

Activated carbon purifier
Filter aid : diatomaceous earth, activated carbon, pearlier
Disinfectants : Chlorinated isocyanuric acid, sodium hypochlorite

Air purification

Futaba Chemical has focused on air purification and protection since the company's early days. For example, we have been dealing with the dioxin issue. Carcinogenic and deformity-inducing dioxin is mainly generated from incinerators and emit into the air. Even before the dioxin issue attracted attention in the society, Futaba Chemical had proposed a method using activated carbon to absorb dioxin and lower its level in incinerators.

Activated carbon for dioxin absorption